Seller account

Any customer can apply for a seller
account. This means you can create an account to offer and sell goods on at the cost of a commission per sale.

This commission is a 9% of the total transaction amount, including shipping charges. This commission percentage includes tax.

Additional to the percentage commission, each transaction will be charged a processing fee of €0.35 (35 cents of an Euro).

The highest commission that can be applied to a transaction is €200.

The seller must provide a Bank Account or Paypal Account to receive the balance due for the sales accomplished on


Restricted balance

As part of selling on Surgicat it’s
common to see a Restricted balance on your Statement. The restricted
balance is the amount of money that is reserved to ensure that you have
enough funds to fulfill any issue with one or several orders.

If you have a restricted balance, it
will appear in your statement. You can always contact us to know more
about this balance and when it can be available to you.


Common reasons for a restricted balance

  • Awaiting order delivery

    We might reserve money from an order
    until we know that the buyer received the order in the promised
    condition. This ensures that you have enough funds to fulfill any
    chargebacks or issues with one or several orders.

  • Claims within an order

    If a claim is filed, the claim amount
    will be restricted until the claim is resolved. Some claims can take up
    to 14 days or longer to resolve. The restricted balance will be released
    once the claims have been processed.

  • Chargebacks

    Money might be reserved if your account
    has any chargebacks from transactions in the last 30 days. The
    restriction will be lifted once the chargebacks have been processed.

  • Account behavior

    We might restrict funds if we notice an
    unexpected change in your seller account activity, or if you are a new
    seller with estimated delivery times that are longer than your
    settlement period.

There are several scenarios that
can become motive for restricted balance to be applied. For example, if
an order for €25 is not yet delivered and another order for €65 has an
open claim, the restricted balance from those two orders would be €90.



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