G.S Syringe, Intraligamentary, Deosy, Best Quality

G.S Syringe, Intraligamentary, Deosy, Best Quality

About The Product
Durable Endodontic Instrument: Has Been Manufactured From Medic-grade Stainless Steel. Quality Stays Intact. Autoclavable Dental Instrument Comes With Unflinching Longevity.
Professional-grade Dentistry Tool: Oral Syringe Is Ergonomically Designed. Features Deosy Style That Provides The Dental Syringe To Develop High Pressure. Ideally Crafted For Providing Intraligamentary Anesthesia.
Oral Care Tool Design: Intraligamentary Syringe Comes With 1.8ml Anesthesia Cartridge. Does Not Cause Any Fatigue On Wrist Or Fingers. When Trigger Is Pressed Completely, One Whole Dose Is Released.
Made In Stainless Steel


G.S Syringe, Intraligamentary, Deosy , Best Quality

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